Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Slight disclaimer to begin this one – I went to Alchemy as an invited guest.  Though I can assure you my experience of the place detailed here was genuine, and delicious!

Alchemy caught my eye as one of a couple of bars that feature beer brewed by Melbourne’s Cavalier Brewing. Location wise, it is atop the Chancery Hotel (another rooftop) near Richmond Circle.  The entrance is swanky – upon exiting the lift you walk past a line of beer tanks into a smart, gold and black venue that is both sleek and somewhat warm.  The walls have a domino motif, and there are great rooftop views looking north – including both the football and cricket stadiums, which would look great if lit up.

To the beer! Cavalier had a list of 6 on when I was there:
  • Pilsner
  • Witbier
  • House Party West Coast IPA
  • Stout
  • Funky Beets Sour Saison (a ‘saison style beer infused with a generous amount of fresh beetroot’)
  • Biere de Garde (a farmhouse ale)
I was going to start with a Witbier as always but at the last second demurred and went for the House Party.  And wowee – a taste explosion that I’ve rarely had in India.  It was only IBU 45 but this tasted hoppy and full bodied.  Somewhat biscuity and very grapefruity, it advertised a ‘smooth bitter finish’ and did not disappoint.  Yum.

Second up was the Witbier.  This had more herbal notes and was less banana flavoured than other Witbiers I have had here.  The notes advertised coriander, pepper and a dry finish, which were all found by my uneducated palate.  Perhaps it was a little too dry to begin with, but it got better as it went on.

There are also tasting paddles available, for 50 INR a pop. I tried the other beers – it wasn’t stout weather, admittedly I didn’t overly enjoy the Funky Beets (a think a beetroot beer is a flavour probably best left alone) and I’d be interested to try the Biere de Garde as a full glass sometime. 

Which brings us to the Pilsner – generally I’m not a fan of Aussie pilsners (for some reason they never quite stack up to their European equivalents, which is not the case for Aussie brewers for virtually every other style of beer), and I got to try a full glass of it on a second visit the next day (I went back).  Drinking it the next day, it was delicious.  Would have again.

Food wise, there’s a good range of snacks, small plates and meals, most offering some sort of fusion.  I had a delicious chicken dish, and saw lamb sliders, calamari and spanakopita around the place too.

Music was a good level, not pumping, and the tunes were relaxed.  Got to hear some classic U2 at some point which was a plus!

In conclusion
Can you get a beer here?
Aussie craft beer in Bengaluru?  Sign me up!
Should you get a beer here?
As above!  …to be more detailed, this is a classy venue offering good beer and the food is rather nice too.  You should visit.

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